Centralized Managing Network System

The EMS introduces a centralized management system of network equipment produced by ELTEX – OPTOKON. The system is based on client-server architecture. The unified access server provides a web interface that enables independent simultaneous management of various network elements.


Automation Control (Northbound Interface)

The automation control (Northbound Interface) is designed for implementation of the EMS system into a higher layer of the provider's OSS / BSS. In particular, it offers interconnection with the billing operator system, using open standardized protocols that enable automated routine operations such as the mass disconnection of subscriber ports with outstanding services and subsequent connection, after payment, and changes the configuration devices.

The EMS system supports


xPON systems:

  • MA-4000-PX
  • LTP-8X
  • LTE-8X, LTE-2X

VoIP devices:

  • SMG1016M
  • TAU-32M.IP, SIP

Ethernet switches:

  • MES2124
  • MES3124
  • MES3124F

Power supply systems:

  • UEP2-3
  • UEP2-5
  • UEP3-3

Key features of the system

  • monitoring of key device parameters: time in operation, work, temperature, CPU load, fans operation, FW version, serial number
  • graphically displays the status of the physical ports
  • monitoring of statistics on the physical and logical interfaces
  • information on optical interfaces: the module type, power of the optical emission and optical power level of receiving signal, measuring of distance
  • management of SFP-modules
  • information on the number of active subscribers to the PON network
  • information on the established PPPoE sessions
  • management of subscriber profiles
  • control subscriber ports: DSLAM, PON configuration, profile assignment
  • monitoring of power supply
  • monitoring and statistics collection for services: Internet, VoIP, IPTV for GPON subscribers

Additional features of the system

  • automatic search of devices in the network
  • automation upgrade and restoration of FW devices
  • automation of work with configuration files
  • collection and storage of alarms
  • quick search of subscriber devices in optical line terminal
  • quick start of basic configuration tools: ssh, telnet, web
  • statistics from PON subscriber activity
  • centralized collection of messages from device via Syslog protocol
  • on-line graphic display of the dynamics of various statistical parameters
  • option to export data in the form of graphics and tables
  • system logging of all user actions within the system framework
  • multilevel configuration of access rights to the functioning system
  • system management of the mass automatic update of PON FW devices


EMS system configuration

EMS configuration:

EMS server - a system for receiving, processing, interpreting, distributing, and managing data.

Database – the data storage system, built on the basis of the DBMS MySQL. The database contains a list of objects for network access and individual settings for each device (SNMP - parameters). The database is also used to store user accounts, device log messages, etc.
Web Service SOAP - a service that is part of the EMS system, which serves for connection with higher layers of provider OSS.
Browser (Web browser) - software for communication processing, information control, located in the operator workstation.
Client SOAP - part of the OSS provider system, which is designed for connection with the WEB Service SOAP EMS system.